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Service Charter

Every company that provides public services must draw up annualy, following precise legal provisions, a service charter that is the document where are written commitments and duties that the Prestia and Comandè wants to adopt towards its customers.

Prestia e Comandè is a reality that aims to the improvement of the quality of the offered service and to the consolidation of the relationship with its city. In this perspective It is important the attention towards the customers and their questions and needs. These aspects represent for us a moment of constant verification and growth in the society and, in particular, to the quality system. During the preparation of this booklet we tried to identify ourselves with the citizen, with the intent of making a document that has :

  1. a clear language and therefore easy to read;
  2. transparent contents thanks to the precence of company data;

The Service Charter is an instrument with a double meaning:

  1. It is a participation tool, since It provides to the users a way to comunicate with the company through its offices and to monitor, through the provided directions, the quality of service perceived by the customer;
  2. It is a protection tool because It garantees an answer to who made requests, suggestions and more. Other than that, It garantees the management of complaints and establishes the intervention criteria by planning their methods and times.

The Service Charter is available to the customer:

  1. In printed form: at the company’s offices and at the ticket office of Falcone-Borsellino Airport;
  2. In electronic format: the document can be consulted and downloaded from the website

We hope that our new identity and our commitments for the next period are welcome, confident that you will be able to express a critical assessment of our work, so as to allow us to constantly improve.